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Quding from China.

Gabriel from Malaysia
Hydrangea Hill(2016.6)

Dugolli from Canada
Palm Tree Avenue(2015. 8)

Olena from Russia
Bird garden(2015. 7)

Mr.Joo form China
(2015. 6)

Cyndi from U.S.A.
Hydrangea Hill(2015.6)

Eunjin & Andrew from U.S.A.
Water garden (2015.5)

Mr.Song form China
Ume flower garden(2015.5)

Chris from Australia
Palm Tree Avenue(2014.5)

Eungine & Alex from U.S.A.
Jeju Stone & Bonsai Garden(2014.4)

Rebecca from United Kingdom
Subtropical Bonsai Garden(2014.4)

Mark from Austrailia
Tulip Festival (2014.3)

The former president of Mongolia, Nambaryn Enkhbayar
Jaeam Folk Village (2014.3.)

Siaw soon van from Malaysia
Jeju Stone&Bonsai Garden (2014.3)

Jas from Malaysia
Enterance (2014.1)

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